It has been a long time!

Mar 25 2012


It has been a long time since I posted any updates.  I am hoping to get some new updates posted and start updating the site more.


We will see what happens!


New York Doe

Oct 31 2010

Well…  Just got back from New York and the freezer is a little more full.  Took a nice Doe on Saturday morning (see below), my first NY deer with a bow.  I did see a  nice 6 pointer on Friday morning, but I was not able to get a shot.  I will be headed back up on Friday


Back On-Line

Oct 27 2010

Well… Been a pretty crazy several months since my last post. Sold my house…Moved twice and started a huge project at work. Anyway, I am back online and headed to New York this weekend for some bow hunting. I am also going to lovcate the trail camera in NY this year.

Hopefully we will have some new pics to post soon.


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