It has been a long time!

Mar 25 2012


It has been a long time since I posted any updates.  I am hoping to get some new updates posted and start updating the site more.


We will see what happens!


Back On-Line

Oct 27 2010

Well… Been a pretty crazy several months since my last post. Sold my house…Moved twice and started a huge project at work. Anyway, I am back online and headed to New York this weekend for some bow hunting. I am also going to lovcate the trail camera in NY this year.

Hopefully we will have some new pics to post soon.


Hunter hits it big!

Mar 18 2010

A quick update from Shawn on a recent catch by Hunter!

I took the chance to grab Hunter from school and go fishing. Hunter has been catching fish since he was 3 but yesterday he tore it up! He caught 10 fish in about 2 hours and 6 of them being big keepers. There is enough fish fillets to feed the family twice. Not bad for a 5 year old!!!



Costa Rica…

Jan 30 2010

Just got back from my fishing trip to Costa Rica with my Dad and uncle.  Had a great time and created some great memories.  I updated about 250 pics to the photo area.


Trail Cam Updates…

Nov 13 2009

Had over 1,000 pictures from the last 2 weeks.  Here are some:


September 19th Hunt

Sep 21 2009

Hunted this weekend with Shawn.  I had the camera this time!  We had 6 bucks and about 7 does work through.  No shooters and the does never came close enough for a shot.  Shawn was packing the traditional bow.  Updated trail cam pictures from the 18th.  Check them out below or in the trail cam page.


The ICE is broken!

Sep 12 2009

Broke the ice this morning with this nice 7 pointer.  Had a total of 9 bucks, 1 doe and 2 fawns come through.  Shawn also go tthe kill on video.  I will post that at some point.  More pictures are available ion the photo section under Hunting 2009-2010


NJ Opens in the AM.

Sep 11 2009

Are you  ready for the NJ opener tomorrow?  Hope so!  In the mean time Ijust uploaded some new trail cam pictures:


Trail Camera Back Up…

Aug 09 2009

OK…  Put the trail cam back up last week and checked the card today.  No Deer and No Turkey!  I did snap 2 cool pictures of an owl and 1 of a Dog!  See Below:

Owl is on left side of lower part of the tree.

Owl is on left side of lower part of the tree.

Will need to see if he comes aroundf again.  May require the Dog Catcher!


We have a Strutter…

Apr 05 2009

Had to go out today to fill the feeder and wanted to change the angle of the Trail Cam.  So, while I was out I swapped out the SD Cards.  Got some cools pics including the strutter below.  Have been seeing birds strutting allot over the last 2 days right from my office window…


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