Video of The 7 Point Kill.

Sep 13 2009

OK.  Thanks to Shawn’s generous offer to video (I owe him now), we captures the 7 pointer kill on video.  Below is the You Tube post.  The shot ends up being about 16 yards.  I had judged it at 20 so the shot ends up being high.  With the 2 inch Rage broad head at 16 yards from a 68 lbs bow, that still makes for no blood trail necessary!


New Trail Cam Pictures

Sep 06 2009

OK…  Cam has been back up for a week or 2 and we have started making sure feeder is up an running.  Got some good pics of deer and a few are nice bucks.   All the pictures are available view the trail cam page.


Season is quickly approaching…

Aug 26 2009

Well, the season is sneaking up on me really quick. In fact Delaware will be open in about a week! I have to admit that due to work I have been running a little behind on checking the trail camera and prepping for the season. I will be heading to GA Friday for a week. NOT VACATION! Work :-(   Anyway, when I get back next Friday it will be time to finalize all the gear and be ready to head into the woods for another great deer season.


In other news, I will be heading to Costa Rica in January of 2010 on a fishing trip with my dad and uncle. Should be a good time!



Moultrie is a quality company…

Jul 31 2009

Well…  I had mentioned that my Moultrie game camera had stopped working.  Well all I had to do was send it into the company and they replace the camera with a new one.  No hassle!  Now, it was covered under a 1 year warrenty, but the process was easy and painless.  I give 4 stars to Moultrie for great customer service.  I had this same experiance with Summit tree stands when a weld on the platform of my 5 year old stand cracked.  They just shipped me a new platform… no questions asked.



Kansas Hunt

Dec 21 2008

Its been a while since I updated the site. It is that CRAZY time of the year when you have 2 little ones! Anyway, Pat sent along the following message and pictures.

We had a great hunt in Kansas with both Jim and me scoring good ten point bucks. Jim’s was 152 and mine 140. My neighbor Jim Bey, our connection to Kansas, also scored a ten point which was a twin to Jimmy’s.


Early Bow…

Sep 19 2008

Well…Now that the early bow season is under way in S. New Jersey and Delaware has been open for a while we are really getting into full swing.  Shawn has been giving it his best with his new traditional bow and I have been out a hand full of times with the Matthews.  No luck yet, but it feels good to be int he woods again!

Dad, Butch, Jimmy and Glenn headed out this past Saturday on a archery Elk hunt.  I have not heard back from anyone on the score yet, but rest assured we will have updates and pictures as soon as they get back home.

I am working on getting the trail cam back up.  I have been having some issues with the battery life and ordered a new battery from Cabelas this week.

Hopefully the next post will have some good news and new pics!

Stay Safe,




Aug 05 2008

Karen was able to snap this picture today of a couple of fawns in the back yard…

08-05-08 our back yard.JPG


August 2008 Update…

Aug 04 2008

Well…  I have no new trail cam pictures to update as the cam was dead when I retrieved the card this week.  Hopefully next week we will have better luck.  Vinny picked up his new bow and he is ready to kill!  I am getting ready fro the new addition to the family.  We are scheduled for 8/11 unless the baby comes early, so  I have been pretty busy getting ready!  Hope everyone is having a great summer.



Vinny Upgrades…

Jul 16 2008

Matthews DXT

Recently Vinny took the plunge and became a Matthews man!  he will be wielding a New Matthews DXT in the fall.   Hopefully he will be able to draw this one back!


L&L Kill…

Apr 11 2008

So, I was at L&L yesterday with Dad and the crew and this Robin invaded our space…

Better then a $100.00 false alarm fine at 2AM!


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