New York Doe

Oct 31 2010

Well…  Just got back from New York and the freezer is a little more full.  Took a nice Doe on Saturday morning (see below), my first NY deer with a bow.  I did see a  nice 6 pointer on Friday morning, but I was not able to get a shot.  I will be headed back up on Friday


2010 March Trail Cam Pics

Mar 19 2010

Got the trail cam back up and these are the first of the year:


Picture 1 of 252


Kansas & Jersey…

Dec 09 2009

So, I have not made a whole lot of updates in the last month.  Almost cut my finger off skinning out a skull cap and had to get some surgery.  In the mean time the NY season passed with no deer being killed.  Just no deer around!  Shawn took a nice 8 pointer last Saturday.


My dad, Pat and the crew headed to Kansas and had a great hunt.  Below is a pic of my dad’s deer and the full kill, all the other pics can be found in the picture section under Kansas 2009.

KAN 2009 031 KAN 2009 019

Once I get through the holidays the plan is to get out for some winter bow the end of December and beginning of January.  Then it’s off to Costa Rica for some fishing!


Weekly Update…

Nov 09 2009

Well, I headed up to NY this weekend to find that the deer population in our area (4G) is really down.  I hunted for 3 days and saw 2 deer!  Anyway, Shawn has been hunting the rut and sent in the following update:


Last 2 days I have see 11 bucks and 35 does and the rut is on. Today I shot a 5 x 6 with the pics included. Not a huge deer but was one of the bigger that I have seen thus far. He is actually trying to be a 6 x 7 with two little kickers at his bases. When I saw all the points at 20 yards I got an itchy trigger finger. To turn my good fortunes into a nightmare as I was walking out I saw the huge 10 point swamp buck I missed last year at about 70 yards out in the middle of a field. He of course just stood and stared at me for what seemed like forever but was probably close to 5 minutes. This buck is a huge, wide, and tall. He has been seen now 4 times in the last two years. He likes to live in a thick swamp or come out in to the middle of this field. I have tried just about everything to get him and would love to take the .300 ultra-mag Remington to the field one day. Anyway enjoy the pics.

Shawn 11 Pointer


Nov 04 2009

Well…  The Rut is on!  hunted this weekend and past on a 8 and 6.  Shawn Headed out on Tuesday as well and took the buck below:


Really cool horns on this old sucker.  Shawn is thinking possibly a 5 year old.  He weighed in field dressed at about 210!  Shawn indicated that the bucks were chasing Tuesday morning.  I will be headed up to NY this weekend to try my luck there.  I will post updates on our success next week.


New Trail Cam Pictures…

Oct 31 2009

I just uploaded a batch of new trail cam pictures.  You can view all pics from the Trail Cam tab.


Bad Start… Good Finish

Oct 25 2009

Well, This weekend started out with a bad start.  Lots of rain and wind with a front that started pushing through on Friday and didn’t clear the area to early in the hours of Sunday.  Shawn and I Headed out an Saturday and both passed on a nice 8.  Pretty sure it was the 8 that was with my 7 I shot earlier in the year(see Below).  Other than that movement was limited with all the wind, but the trail cam has been indicating daily buck movement in the early morning and late afternoon.

This morning (Sunday) had all indications of being a good morning.  The front had come through and brought cooler air in behind it and the skies were clear.  I headed out to my ladder stand in NJ at about 6am to make sure I was in place for a good hour before light.  At 7 am as shooting light just became established I heard the shuffle of feet headed my way.  Quickly I scanned the area for the deer making the noise and locked onto a nice buck.  This buck had been captured on the trail cam before (see Below).

So, when he came out I knew I was going to take him.  He came head on to 10 yards and then began feeding behind some brush.  I patiently waited for almost 10 minutes and then he began to turn and prepare to head away from me.  I cam to full draw and let one fly.  MISS!  Not sure if he jumped the string, I hit a branch in that brush or it was just a bad shot (not allot of light).  Anyway, he then turned and came into a shooting lane at about 20 yards headed away from me.  I quickly knocked another arrow and took aim.  The shot ended up being a 25 yard quartering away shot. ch7_quartering_away

The arrow hit just in front of the hind quarter and the 2 bladed rage broad head did its job.  The buck ran about 40 yards and fell over in a field.  During the gutting of the deer I was able to determine the arrow actually pierced both lungs.  The rest is history.  Below is a picture of the deer and more can be found in the photo section of the site.

10252009-10point-02 10252009-10point-14


Update – Video (No Kill Shots)


Archery Update

Oct 10 2009

Well,  Shawn and I have been hunting pretty regularly.  On Wednesday Shawn took a doe with his traditional bow 9waiting on some pics).  Things have quieted down a lot and it seems the bachelor groups have broken up.  Hopefully in the next few weeks the bucks will start to roam.  Downloaded the trail cam pictures.  See slide show below or the trail cam tab:


Video of The 7 Point Kill.

Sep 13 2009

OK.  Thanks to Shawn’s generous offer to video (I owe him now), we captures the 7 pointer kill on video.  Below is the You Tube post.  The shot ends up being about 16 yards.  I had judged it at 20 so the shot ends up being high.  With the 2 inch Rage broad head at 16 yards from a 68 lbs bow, that still makes for no blood trail necessary!


New Trail Cam Pictures

Sep 06 2009

OK…  Cam has been back up for a week or 2 and we have started making sure feeder is up an running.  Got some good pics of deer and a few are nice bucks.   All the pictures are available view the trail cam page.


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