Bear Hunt Update 7…

May 19 2008

Well… if it was a baseball game the score would have read something like Bear 5 Hunters 0. After our week in bear camp we ended up harvesting no bears. The area we hunted in had its worst winter in 10 years and the seasons seem to be off by about 1 month. This coupled with a almost full moon provided for little bear activity during shooting hours. All of the baits we hunted were being hit on a daily basis, but no bears other then the 2 Glenn saw. Thane’s trail cams on a few of the baits indicated movement was taking place at any time from 10pm to 2am. Anyway, we all had a great time and some needed R&R.


How can you go wrong with a view like this from your back door every day!


Bear Hunt Update 6…

May 15 2008

Well… I missed updating the site a few days, but here is the story. It has been sunny, but very windy. Tuesday night Glenn had 2 bear come into his bait, but passed on them both. He had video, so we verified our source! Last night no bears were seen on the baits, but my grandfather almost got a crack at one on the road. Yesterday we went over to Deer Island with Thane and Jimmy and Jimmy dove for oysters for us. We ended up getting about 20 Lbs. in 1 and 1/2 hours. Not too bad! Today we headed over to Big Norms to pick up Bob Bob’s bear and Jimmy Son’s Pig. (See Below) More Pictures are available in the Pictures section under Bear 2008.


Tonight the wind looks like it will die down and a few of us are going to change stands. Hopefully we will have some bear pictures to post on Friday!


Bear Hunt Update 5…

May 13 2008

Monday was a nice day except for the wind.  The temps have been around 70 during the day and then they go down to about 38 at night.  The problem last night was that we had a steady wind with gusts up to 30 mph.  So, no bears were seen.  We did get a chance to site in the guns and make sure they were still on after the trip up.


More pictures are available on the photo page under Bear 2008


Bear Hunt Update 4…

May 12 2008

As the end of Saturday came to an end we had a few drinks and Glenn was in bed by 7:00pm! Today we will site in the guns and bow and head out to the stands.



Bear Hunt Update 3…

May 11 2008

Well, we have settled into camp and went out and set all the baits. Hopefully we will have some pictures of bears on Monday.



Bear Hunt Update 2…

May 10 2008

OK…  We are in camp and I figured I woul dlet everyone know I have internet access.  I will update the BLOG every day.

A Birthday toast to me…



Bear Hunt Update 1…

May 10 2008

We just finished have a lobster roll at the Eagle’s Nest and we are headed to the border.  I will try to update the BLOG each day if I have access.


Check the Photo are and the Bear 2008 section for more photos


Bear Hunt…

May 08 2008

Well… With less then 2 days before we depart for Canada for the Black Bear hunt we are all getting pretty excited. I am hoping I will be able to update the BLOG from time to time while we are in Canada. My research indicated Verizon EVDO cards can roam in Canada… we will see! Anyway, I will be trying to get some good video clips to post as well as photos…

Black Bear


Turkey & Bears Oh My…

Apr 30 2008

Well… With just a few days to go before we head up to NY for turkey and just over a week till we depart for the bear hunt in Canada I figured I would give a few updates:

  • The trail cam is back up and as you can see in the photo section we have started posting the pictures once again.
  • I am in the process of acquiring a digital video camera to mount to my weapon of choice to record hunting video. These cameras are currently used by my Fire Department for training and incident review. I figured I would mount one to the gun or bow and see how it looks. I am waiting for the camera now. Hopefully it will be in for the bear hunt! See picture below:


  • Finally, I hope I will have some turkey pics from NY after this weekend!

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