Trail Cam Videos

Apr 23 2010

Here is a video of a bunch of trail cam videos from the last week. Gobble Gobble!


2010 March Trail Cam Pics

Mar 19 2010

Got the trail cam back up and these are the first of the year:


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Shawn Scores…

Apr 26 2009

As I sit here typing this 2 long beards are messing around outside my window…  Why no hunting on Sundays in NJ!  Anyway, Shawn scored yesterday.  His summary of happenings is below:

Although Justin and I have been getting into birds (missed shots, missed opportunities) we had yet to connect on anything. That is until the last legal minute of today. It was one of those scenes that you only see on a hunting video. Imagine this, I had 6 longbeards fighting with all the aggresive purring, cackling and gobbling. Meanwhile two jakes were on the outside looking in. This fight was over two hens that I walked in on. I kicked out the two hens and at 35 yards this guy came by. It lasted only 5 minutes but it seemed like a hour. He weighed exactly 21 lbs. had a 10&1/4 inch beard and one of his spurs is my personal best of 1&1/4 inch!


April 24th Turkey Update…

Apr 24 2009

img_0039Well…  Silence is golden and since I did not post anything last weekend you could imagine we did not score.  Shawn and I both had the kids out in the blind.  I had 2 Toms come in.  Samantha spooked 1 and I missed on a 45 yard shot on the other one.  I am thinking there may have been a little too much brush in the area.  The day was beautiful and it was a win just having Samantha out for her first time.

In the morning and evening I have been seeing Toms in the same area and even this morning they had a strut fest going on.   Tomorrow Shawn and I will be headed out SOLO and hopefully we will have some nice kill pictures.

Below is a sideshow of the newest trail cam pictures.  I have not been getting as many since I changes the angle of the cam so I may change it again this week.  As always you can view all the pictures from the Trail Cam on the trail cam page.


April 17, 2009 Trail Cam Pictures

Apr 17 2009

Well…  Tomorrow is the opener for Turkey in my NJ Zone.  Today I saw a strutter a few yards from our ground blinds.  Samantha will be joining me for this hunt (her first).  I feel like it is my first again!  Below are the latest pictures from the trail cam:


April 10, 2009 Trail Cam Pictures

Apr 10 2009

Some new pictures from a new angle.


We have a Strutter…

Apr 05 2009

Had to go out today to fill the feeder and wanted to change the angle of the Trail Cam.  So, while I was out I swapped out the SD Cards.  Got some cools pics including the strutter below.  Have been seeing birds strutting allot over the last 2 days right from my office window…


NY Opener…

May 04 2008

After a interesting start to the NY season… (call Shawn or me for the details)! Shawn took the double below


Shawn: I set up unknowingly under a roost tree with two long beards and 4 hens. At sunup they flew down. I shot the one at 10 yards and the other at 20 yards. The first had a 10 1/2 inch beard and 1 1/8 inch spurs and weighed about 20 pounds the second had a 10 1/4 inch beard and 1 inch spurs but weighed more at close to 23 pounds. Three tags and all filled on opening days of two states. It doesn’t get much better than that. Once again I have Justin to thank for use of both properties!

Well… That was a great end to the turkey season. Next week I am packing up my gear and heading North to Canada for an Archery Black Bear hunt. Oh Yea… my bow cam is in and will be rolling!


Turkey & Bears Oh My…

Apr 30 2008

Well… With just a few days to go before we head up to NY for turkey and just over a week till we depart for the bear hunt in Canada I figured I would give a few updates:

  • The trail cam is back up and as you can see in the photo section we have started posting the pictures once again.
  • I am in the process of acquiring a digital video camera to mount to my weapon of choice to record hunting video. These cameras are currently used by my Fire Department for training and incident review. I figured I would mount one to the gun or bow and see how it looks. I am waiting for the camera now. Hopefully it will be in for the bear hunt! See picture below:


  • Finally, I hope I will have some turkey pics from NY after this weekend!

Trail Cam Update…

Apr 25 2008

Below is the newest batch of photos from the trail cam. The other Long Beard is back!


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