Mathews DXT

Feb 04 2008

Has anyone been checking up on Mathews and the new 2008 line? I made the jump last year to the Drenalin and could not be happier. Dad was getting ready to change over to the Drenalin and I figured I would check up on Matthews. This new DXT looks sweet! These bows are starting to get like computers. As soon as you buy one it is outdated! Really though, I don’t think I ever could have out shot my old Q2 XL, but these new bows are cool!

The Specs:

IBO Rating 322 fps (Approx)

Cam(s) StraightLine perimeter-weighted DXT Cam

Draw Weight 40, 50, 60, 70 lbs.

Draw Length 24″ – 30″ with 24 1/2″ – 29 1/2″ available

Axle to Axle Length 29.75″ (Approx)

Brace Height 7″ (Approx)

Riser Length 22 7/16″ (Approx)

Physical Weight 3.75 Lbs. (Approx)

Letoff 80%

String/Cable Length Zebra Barracuda
String Length 86 1/4″ (Approx)
Cable Length 32 1/4″ (Approx)


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