Bear Hunt Update 6…

May 15 2008

Well… I missed updating the site a few days, but here is the story. It has been sunny, but very windy. Tuesday night Glenn had 2 bear come into his bait, but passed on them both. He had video, so we verified our source! Last night no bears were seen on the baits, but my grandfather almost got a crack at one on the road. Yesterday we went over to Deer Island with Thane and Jimmy and Jimmy dove for oysters for us. We ended up getting about 20 Lbs. in 1 and 1/2 hours. Not too bad! Today we headed over to Big Norms to pick up Bob Bob’s bear and Jimmy Son’s Pig. (See Below) More Pictures are available in the Pictures section under Bear 2008.


Tonight the wind looks like it will die down and a few of us are going to change stands. Hopefully we will have some bear pictures to post on Friday!


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