I Love Photoshop

Jul 24 2008

So, I really wanted a better look at the buck from my past post.  So, I messed around in photoshop and…

Buck 1 enhanced.jpg


First Buck of the Year

Jul 24 2008

Checked the trail cam tonight and found our first buck picture of the year…  Nice…

Buck 1.JPG


Trail Cam Back Up…

Jul 20 2008

OK…  I got the trail cam back up and picked a few pictures from it for the gallery.  Just a few does and some coons.


July 2008 Trail Cam Doe


Vinny Upgrades…

Jul 16 2008

Matthews DXT

Recently Vinny took the plunge and became a Matthews man!  he will be wielding a New Matthews DXT in the fall.   Hopefully he will be able to draw this one back!


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