New York Results (To Date)…

Nov 29 2008

Well…  I spent the week before Thanksgiving hunting in NY State with the rifle.  Saw a few small bucks a bunch of does and 18 TOMS!  Nothing big enough for me to shoot.  My Dad and Paul ended up taking 8 pointers and Teady took a small 5 point.  Below is a Picture of my Dad’s 8.  More pictures can also be found in the Hunting 2008 area of the Photos page.


The season in NY is open for a week or 2 more.  I will update the BLOG idf anyone else scores.  As for NJ, Shawn and I continue to go out with the bow.  Shawn has been seeing some big bucks, but no kills yet.


November 1st Update…

Nov 02 2008

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… Well the picture below sums up Saturday:

That’s right!  A full day hunt during the rutt and Shawn is sleeping due to the fact we only saw 1 small buck!  After all that excitement on Friday we figured Saturday we would see allot of action.  We were wrong!  We headed to our other spot in Camden County and Shawn decided to be the videographer on the hunt.  However, we ended up only videoing 1 small buck we grunted in off a small field we hunted near.  However as luck would have it when we left and drove by the actual field we saw about 12 deer grazing.


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