Moultrie is a quality company…

Jul 31 2009

Well…  I had mentioned that my Moultrie game camera had stopped working.  Well all I had to do was send it into the company and they replace the camera with a new one.  No hassle!  Now, it was covered under a 1 year warrenty, but the process was easy and painless.  I give 4 stars to Moultrie for great customer service.  I had this same experiance with Summit tree stands when a weld on the platform of my 5 year old stand cracked.  They just shipped me a new platform… no questions asked.



The Bug…

Jul 20 2009

Now that prep has started for the 2009-2010 bow season I have the bug again.  Started to refurb my Summit climber this weekend.  I will post pictures when I am finished.  Also, I sent the Trail cam back to Moultrie to be fixed.  Once I get it back I will start posting pictures again.


2009-2010 Season Prep Has Begun

Jul 11 2009

Shawn and I finished up some stand locations this weekend.  I have a few more to finalize and then we are all set for September.  Trail Cam is not working so I will be working with Cabelas to get it replaced.  Below are some pics.  Click on them to make them larger.  Also, I am trying out some new panoramic software on the longer images.

Ladder Stand Panoramic Trimming 1 Trimming 2 Chain on Panoramic View The Swamp Stand Ground Blind Area

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