Season is quickly approaching…

Aug 26 2009

Well, the season is sneaking up on me really quick. In fact Delaware will be open in about a week! I have to admit that due to work I have been running a little behind on checking the trail camera and prepping for the season. I will be heading to GA Friday for a week. NOT VACATION! Work :-(   Anyway, when I get back next Friday it will be time to finalize all the gear and be ready to head into the woods for another great deer season.


In other news, I will be heading to Costa Rica in January of 2010 on a fishing trip with my dad and uncle. Should be a good time!



Trail Camera Back Up…

Aug 09 2009

OK…  Put the trail cam back up last week and checked the card today.  No Deer and No Turkey!  I did snap 2 cool pictures of an owl and 1 of a Dog!  See Below:

Owl is on left side of lower part of the tree.

Owl is on left side of lower part of the tree.

Will need to see if he comes aroundf again.  May require the Dog Catcher!


Summit Treestand Refurb…

Aug 07 2009

So, I finally finished and got around to taking some pictures of the Summit Stand I refurbished.  I added the following:

  1. Foot Rest
  2. Summit Skin
  3. Summit Comfort Pad
  4. Summit Surround Seat
  5. New Shoulder Straps for carrying
  6. Black Spray Paint for Camo

I am pretty happy with the results and the new seat and foot rest make the stand 100% more comfortable.  Check out some pictures below:


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