September 19th Hunt

Sep 21 2009

Hunted this weekend with Shawn.  I had the camera this time!  We had 6 bucks and about 7 does work through.  No shooters and the does never came close enough for a shot.  Shawn was packing the traditional bow.  Updated trail cam pictures from the 18th.  Check them out below or in the trail cam page.


Video of The 7 Point Kill.

Sep 13 2009

OK.  Thanks to Shawn’s generous offer to video (I owe him now), we captures the 7 pointer kill on video.  Below is the You Tube post.  The shot ends up being about 16 yards.  I had judged it at 20 so the shot ends up being high.  With the 2 inch Rage broad head at 16 yards from a 68 lbs bow, that still makes for no blood trail necessary!


The ICE is broken!

Sep 12 2009

Broke the ice this morning with this nice 7 pointer.  Had a total of 9 bucks, 1 doe and 2 fawns come through.  Shawn also go tthe kill on video.  I will post that at some point.  More pictures are available ion the photo section under Hunting 2009-2010


NJ Opens in the AM.

Sep 11 2009

Are you  ready for the NJ opener tomorrow?  Hope so!  In the mean time Ijust uploaded some new trail cam pictures:


New Trail Cam Pictures

Sep 06 2009

OK…  Cam has been back up for a week or 2 and we have started making sure feeder is up an running.  Got some good pics of deer and a few are nice bucks.   All the pictures are available view the trail cam page.


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