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Nov 09 2009

Well, I headed up to NY this weekend to find that the deer population in our area (4G) is really down.  I hunted for 3 days and saw 2 deer!  Anyway, Shawn has been hunting the rut and sent in the following update:


Last 2 days I have see 11 bucks and 35 does and the rut is on. Today I shot a 5 x 6 with the pics included. Not a huge deer but was one of the bigger that I have seen thus far. He is actually trying to be a 6 x 7 with two little kickers at his bases. When I saw all the points at 20 yards I got an itchy trigger finger. To turn my good fortunes into a nightmare as I was walking out I saw the huge 10 point swamp buck I missed last year at about 70 yards out in the middle of a field. He of course just stood and stared at me for what seemed like forever but was probably close to 5 minutes. This buck is a huge, wide, and tall. He has been seen now 4 times in the last two years. He likes to live in a thick swamp or come out in to the middle of this field. I have tried just about everything to get him and would love to take the .300 ultra-mag Remington to the field one day. Anyway enjoy the pics.

Shawn 11 Pointer

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