10/5 – Update

Oct 05 2008

Well…  Went out this weekend and it seems to be picking up a bit.  Saturday I saw 10 does and 3 bucks one of which is the largest buck I have ever seen on stand!  I am thinking he is 8 or better, but he stayed out at 100 yards and I was not able to get a clear look at his brow tines.  The other 2 where a spike and six point.

Shawn went out as well and saw a nice six and a shootere 8 point.  We both are kind of looking for a trophie this year and Shawn passed on the 8.  Not an easy decision but hopefully it will pay off later in the season.  Shawn also did some research on the rut.  See below:

Moon Phase

looks like the deer rut according to the moon might be a little off this year. I follow the moon phases but base more of my decision on weather (cold fronts, temp, pressure and precip). According to the 2008 moon phases and the link below we should have a last quarter moon going into a new moon from either Oct. 25th-Nov. 2nd (EARLY) or Nov.23-Dec.1 (LATE). This typically means that this starts the rut with the young bucks chasing and does not ready and then big boys going to breed in 7-14 days after these dates. To make any sense of all this we will probably see some chasing going on early this year with young bucks the last week of Oct. and then breeding taking place with mature bucks and little action for hunters around Nov. 9th to the 16th. This is about 2 weeks earlier than last year and is the earliest that we could see this in over 20 years. Of course as stated earlier I base more of my decision on weather!!!



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  1. Sounds like a REAL NICE ANIMAL GOOD LUCK Hope we see his COUSINS in New YORK Vinny


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