Shawn Scores…

Oct 10 2008

Shawn took this nice eight by my place yesterday evening…

Whack a nice 4×4 today. He might score 120″. He came a cross a field with a smaller buck and about 6 does and yearlings. Gave me a 20 yard broadside shot and I took it with rage 2 blade broadhead passing through both lungs and heart. I watched him fall about 50 yards out and now I am officially only going to shoot if its a true monster.

Copy of 2008 8pt 2.jpg


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to “Shawn Scores…”

    Hope we get to see some of his relatives at the P&L Speaking of the P&L me & Uncle Bob brought my ATV up to the FARM today (just got back)
    Looking forward to next week Hope we have some PICS to put on this site ONCE AGAIN CONGRATS on the 4X4 Vinny


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