Back From Cordoba, Argentina…

Jan 09 2009

Well… After three flights we are back in the USA from our dove hunt in Cordoba Argentina. This was truly a once in a life time experience for me and it exceeded every expectation that I had. I ended up shooting 1,003 doves with a accuracy percentage of 50.78% 5th in a camp of 12 shooters. The camp average accuracy rater was 49.64%.


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  1. Hello Justin,

    OK, who picks up and plucks all those doves???

    Are they used for pig food or what?? How about a pic of your purple shoulders? Sounds like you took at least 2000 shots, let’s see, 100 boxes of shells in how many days?

    Glad to hear you had a great trip, OK, it’s summer down there now right?



  2. Welcome back Glad to hear you guys had a GREAT trip Looking forward to hearing it over lunch or dinner during the next few weeks Vinnie


  3. Hello,
    I just found your blog/site while i was looking for pics of doves. I am just curious as to why anyone would kill that many doves. I understand hunting and dont have any problems with any of it, I am just courious as to what happens to so many doves. And at these rates are they going extinct ? I guess i should do some research but I wanted a hunters opinion. Thank you for your time and good luck in your hunting and travels… it sounds like you have a great time.


  4. @linda: I can understand that some people would feel bad that millions of birds are being shot by sport hunters every year in Argentina. I understand because I realize that it is their nature and their instinct. I hunt for the same reasons, because it is in my nature and instinct. Let me however put into perspective the impact on dove as a species without entering into the morality of the thing. Morality is in large part a product of the culture we are raised in you know.

    In Argentina there is no season on dove and no limit to how much you can shoot. There is a reason for this. The number of dove and the rate at which they reproduce is such that they pose a serious threat to the livelihood of many people. When they descend on a grain crop they will destroy around 50% of that crop. This understandably upsets the farmers who before the dove shooting industry flourished, would poison the roosts where the doves live and breed. The goal of the farmers was complete eradication of the dove. The poisoning of a large roost resulted in the killing of several million birds and the poison runoff would affect a great many other species. Since the dove shooting industry flourished in Cordoba, mass poisoning has stopped. The farmers recognize in the dove a viable source of income. A lease on a good dove roost costs what an average Argentine worker makes in a year, and that is just for the shooting rights. An entire year of dove shooting by the estimated 4000 shooters who come to Argentina will kill less birds than the poisoning of just 4 roosts. In addition many major dove roosts are being saved from destruction by the dove lodge operators themselves, who purchase them, thus avoiding the cutting down of the trees and clearing of the land for agricultural use. When the dove lose their habitat they will be no more. There are easily over 300,000,000 dove in Argentina. They nest 2 to 3 times a year and lay 2-3 eggs each time. The only real danger to them is the destruction of their habitat and poisoning. It is impossible to endanger them as a species by means of recreational hunting. As has happened many times before with many other species, recreational hunting is in fact saving them. Another factor to take into consideration is the spread of diseases in which the birds act as a vector of transmission to humans. The explosion in bird populations that results when the dove have large tracts of agricultural land to feed on, puts the human population in danger of diseases like some forms of encephalitis and flu, both quite deadly to humans. Control is a necessity, not an option.

    Thanks For Listening. – Justin


  5. i hope you and your dad rot in hell for taking all those innocent doves life away just for fun.


  6. Just one of many reasons while animal rights activists are losers. Justin posts a well explained need for dove shooting and the response back from willeaturbrain is total ignorance!!!


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