April 24th Turkey Update…

Apr 24 2009

img_0039Well…  Silence is golden and since I did not post anything last weekend you could imagine we did not score.  Shawn and I both had the kids out in the blind.  I had 2 Toms come in.  Samantha spooked 1 and I missed on a 45 yard shot on the other one.  I am thinking there may have been a little too much brush in the area.  The day was beautiful and it was a win just having Samantha out for her first time.

In the morning and evening I have been seeing Toms in the same area and even this morning they had a strut fest going on.   Tomorrow Shawn and I will be headed out SOLO and hopefully we will have some nice kill pictures.

Below is a sideshow of the newest trail cam pictures.  I have not been getting as many since I changes the angle of the cam so I may change it again this week.  As always you can view all the pictures from the Trail Cam on the trail cam page.


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