Shawn Scores…

Apr 26 2009

As I sit here typing this 2 long beards are messing around outside my window…  Why no hunting on Sundays in NJ!  Anyway, Shawn scored yesterday.  His summary of happenings is below:

Although Justin and I have been getting into birds (missed shots, missed opportunities) we had yet to connect on anything. That is until the last legal minute of today. It was one of those scenes that you only see on a hunting video. Imagine this, I had 6 longbeards fighting with all the aggresive purring, cackling and gobbling. Meanwhile two jakes were on the outside looking in. This fight was over two hens that I walked in on. I kicked out the two hens and at 35 yards this guy came by. It lasted only 5 minutes but it seemed like a hour. He weighed exactly 21 lbs. had a 10&1/4 inch beard and one of his spurs is my personal best of 1&1/4 inch!


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