Sunday Bow Hunting in NJ

May 04 2009

Below is the content of an e-mail I received from a reliable resource:

Congratulations! The Governor has signed Sunday Bow hunting into law!

In only 18 months since anglers, hunters, trappers and conservationists of all types “united” through a grassroots effort and sent two uninformed legislators packing – New Jersey’s “anti” culture has been turned on its ear.

The signing of Sunday Bow is far more than a statement of an extra day for hunting. It is proof that a united outdoor community, committed to the stewardship of our ecology and educating others of the precept of conservation is a successful formula for eradicating the ignorance of the link between fishing, hunting and trapping and environmental stewardship.

The signing of Sunday Bow hunting should be evidence of the momentous voting power of 650,000 outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen. It should be a motivating factor for anglers, hunters, trappers and all conservationists to REGISTER TO VOTE and to VOTE IN EVERY ELECTION. It should be a clarion call for each of us to join in the effort to contact our legislators and become involved in protecting and advancing our outdoor interests.


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