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Nov 09 2009

Well, I headed up to NY this weekend to find that the deer population in our area (4G) is really down.  I hunted for 3 days and saw 2 deer!  Anyway, Shawn has been hunting the rut and sent in the following update:


Last 2 days I have see 11 bucks and 35 does and the rut is on. Today I shot a 5 x 6 with the pics included. Not a huge deer but was one of the bigger that I have seen thus far. He is actually trying to be a 6 x 7 with two little kickers at his bases. When I saw all the points at 20 yards I got an itchy trigger finger. To turn my good fortunes into a nightmare as I was walking out I saw the huge 10 point swamp buck I missed last year at about 70 yards out in the middle of a field. He of course just stood and stared at me for what seemed like forever but was probably close to 5 minutes. This buck is a huge, wide, and tall. He has been seen now 4 times in the last two years. He likes to live in a thick swamp or come out in to the middle of this field. I have tried just about everything to get him and would love to take the .300 ultra-mag Remington to the field one day. Anyway enjoy the pics.

Shawn 11 Pointer

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  1. Hi Justin,

    I was up to the P+L for the bow opener,and again the weekend after. While walking to my stand in the dark I heard a howl that sounded about 200 yards from my position down by the Staging Area, clearly a coyote, it was immediately answered by a group sounded like 10 to 15. Speaking to one of the guys down the hill apparently they howl like that before or just after a kill. Man it froze my blood. The guy I was speaking to told me the farmers are having a big problem with the exploded population of coyotes. Preditor/Prey balance is out of whack as we would expect coyote population to crash with dissapearance of natural food but now the dogs are shifting to easier prey like Fido and Twinkle the cat. One more example of disrupted ecosystem, they are taking pets and even threatening the kids waiting for school buses. Most likely the main reason for the low population of whitetail in the area.

    PS good work on the dove blog, it is great to see how a negative like the dove population explosion exceeding the carrying capacity of the area was turned into a cooperative to help the locals, preserve the environment and also provide hunting opportunites a win win win. Folks do not understand how key hunting has become to proper conservation efforts. Humans have upset the balance of nature, now we have to increasingly step in to try to restore that balance. And we are happy to pay for the awesome privilege! See you at the P+L, Butchie


  2. Hope I didn’t sound too pedantic but as a conservationist, what they are doing in Argentina is very cool…Butchie


  3. Sounded fine to me!


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