Black Beard Scores High…

Feb 26 2008

Shawn had Black Beard Scored and his results are as follows:

Grossed 149 6/8 but after almost 13 inches of deductions he netted 137 0/8, basically as an 8 pointer. He officially scored as a 7×4 pointer. If he had 1/8 of inch more on his g-4 on the right side he would have gained close to 8 inches.


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  1. If the scoring system doesn’t confuse you, then it explain it to me! You would think if a deer is considered a 7×4 than it would be scored as a nontypical and the abnormal points don’t get deducted from the score. Blackbeard had two tines on his front left beam that both scored over and inch. He was still scored as a typical and only added his 4×4 frame for his final score. If a deer just has one drop tine however than it’s automatically placed in the nontypical category. Is everyone confused yet? Then on top of it I asked the scorer what the official ruling/what classes a deer into the two different categories of typical and nontypical and he said there is no written rule and that it depends on the deer. What??? I still don’t get it? Oh well, nice deer and I have no-one to thank but Justin for letting me hunt this deer.


  2. All I know is he will look good on the wall


  3. Speaking of taxidermist, we should be getting our mounts back in about 5 months!!! :grin:
    I can’t wait to see what he looks like on the wall.


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