NJ Turkey 2008…

Apr 20 2008

Well… The NJ opener turned out to be very successful. Shawn, Hunter and I headed out early since I had roosted the birds right over my blind and only a few yards from Shawn’s. At about 6:30 the birds started to fly down. As luck would have it the 2 long beards had a strut off 40 yards from me in the only area I did not clear for a shooting lane.

We then proceeded to watch theses birds with our binos as they picked through my garden and walked around my back yard. Had we posted on the deck, we would have been done!

At about 8:00am the birds headed back down the tracks and I had the opportunity to take the bird below at about 20 yards. Weight 20 Lbs. Beard 11 inches spurs 1 inch.


After I took this bird the other long beard with him was completely confused and tried to get his buddy back on his feet. However, his buddy had big problems. I quickly radioed Shawn and told him the other long beard was still in the area and headed his way. Slowly the long beard headed straight for Shawn. I then remembered I had my video camera and grabbed it. I caught the final moments on the video below. (You must have adobe flash player installed to view video)

With that shot Shawn downed the other long beard weight 19.5 Lbs. beard 10 inched spurs 7/8 inches. Shawn’s bird is on the left.


NJ was a great time and it is always better when you bring your kids along. Hunter was in the blind for the first time when Shawn took his bird. Samantha will be old enough next year, but she was running around the house when she herd the shot yelling Daddy and Uncle Shawn shot the turkeys!


** More Pictures can be viewed in the Photo section of the web site.


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  1. Congrats to BOTH of you Beautiful birds
    Talk soon God Bless Vinnie


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